Aliza’s story

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Aliza Zara is a six years old girl, born on Oktober, 3 2007.
Aliza is the daugher of Atia Raja and Waqas, she has a sweet young sister, Marya Insha.

This is Aliza’s story:
Aliza was misdiagnosed with arthritis in 2011. In June 2012 Aliza had a neurological failure, this lead to another diagnose. She didn’t have arthritis, but NEUROBLASTOMA STAGE 4.

The life of this family was turned upside down. The girl who loved to play and dance, as any other kid, was in severe pain. She wasn’t able to walk or sit, for months. The tumor attached to her kidney, had the chance to grow into her spinal cord. Right after the diagnose, she underwent a surgery. The tumor had to be removed from her spinal cord. Still in pain, she underwent her first cycle of chemotherapy. She completed the Neuroblastoma High Risk protocol. She had a total of 6 high dose chemotherapies, another operation, to remove the tumor from her kidney. A bone marrrow diseasing chemo, followed by a stam cell reinfusion. After this, she underwent radiationtherapy from her belly, spinal cord and skull. Aliza completed the Neuroblastoma HIGH RISK protocol and was an eligible candidate for the Immunotherapy in the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia/ USA.

She went to USA in February 2013 with Atia Raja (mother), Marya (sister) and grandmother. She completed the Immunotherapy and stayed there till August 2013. Her last scans in the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, showed a progression of disease. They saw tumors inside Aliza’s brain. Again their life turned upside down.

Atia came back to the Netherlands with Aliza and a full brain radiaton was given in October 2013. The doctors started the TOTEM therapy, a protocol for children with a relapse. In January 2014, the doctors were amazed by the response. Aliza had no tumors in her brain anymore, there was hope. But their fight wasn’t over yet… in April 2014 after having 5 cycles of this chemotherapy her scans showed new neuroblastoma activity. This new neuroblastoma is resistent to this treatment. Again this brave family had to hear a devastating news…

The doctors in The Netherlands have stopped her treatment, and they are not going to give Aliza chemotherapy anymore.

But Atia is not going to give, up. Aliza wants to fight.

Atia will do anything humanly possible to save her baby.

Aliza will win this battle.

Aliza is been fighting for her life, there is no doubt that she is a warrior princess. But she needs support. She needs donations to keep fighting. She needs this RIST Therapy to survive

Please give her this chance.

Please please help Aliza in this battle.

Any amount on this foundation, that is not going to be used for Aliza’s treatment, will be donated after 5 years of NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE, to another child suffering from Neuroblastoma or any form of childhood cancer.